Ipsy's June Sneak Peek!!!

It is finally here, June's first sneak peek for this month's ipsy bag.  And since June marks the beginning of summer,  what doesn't scream summer other than bronze beauty. So it is a no brainer that Junes ipsy bag has to be filled with sunscreen and heat resistant makeup. So with that being said, let's talk about the first sneak peek for the month of June, the sneak peek that was given to us, gives us either 3 possibilities and they look to be 3 different blushes. But these aren't any ordinary blushes,  they seem to be, none other than NYX blushes in Mosaic Powder Blush in Silk,  Powder Blush in Sand, and Rouge Cream Blush in Red Cheeks.

"Your wildside deserves a little hint of color this summer!"

UPDATE: There is a a chance to receive 6 different types of blushes.

So it is finally here, after waiting for sooo long just to receive the second sneak peek. But seriously this is one item that I haven't seen Ipsy do, until now and that is lipliners.

"Wild with vivid pencils perfect for your pout await this month."

There has been a tip, out in the web world, that this lipliner is from Starlooks themselves and the colors are: Tickle Me Pink, Tipsy, and Bare.

 So what do you guys think about this Item, and are you excited for this month's ipsy bag?

The third sneak peek has just come to us and I am a little baffled that ipsy would put an item like this into their bag. Put part of me really is a bit excited to try this item out, so what do you guys think? Well it has been proven, in more ways than one, that this item is from J. Cat Beauty and their Sparkling Cream Palette.

 "The sun won't be the only thing sparkling this summer!"

Proof #2

Its like they where teasing us when they posted this on their Facebook Page.

Proof # 3

 These palettes are in the color Sizie and Volta and they seem like they are going to be a full size item in this month's Ipsy bag. SO what do you guys really think about this item alone. Are you guys really excited or willing to pass this month's bag?

Oh and the theme has turned out to be WILD.

So here we are, the fourth sneak peek of this month's ipsy bag, but this time we will be receiving 2 items in this picture. But what are the items and which one will we be receiving??

Now this one is a hard one because there is at least one item that seems to be indecipherable, but all of us, ipsters, are trying our best to figure this month out.

 "You are going to be wild about TWO of these products in your June Glam Bag!"

But for sure we have already figured out that the gel liner is going to be from Cailyn called Linefix Gel eyeliner, either in purple and maybe black??

But other than being unaware what type of color the other bottle might be, we at least know that this product will be ONE of the products that we might be seeing in our ipsy bag.

Another item that we might also see in our ipsy bag is some lashes from J. Cat Beauty, so the picture on top seems to put the pieces together when this sneak peek came out.

And in this picture, it seems that we might have a chance to receive 1 of 3 different types of lashes. They are EL42, EL01 and EL66. Can't Wait to see what I might be getting.

Compare the picture in the sneak peek to the picture that Zadidoll posted on Makeup Talk.

Now here comes the though ones but there seems to be a bottle of some sort and a pencil, but it is extremely hard to decipher what these products might be.

But there is somewhat of a debate what the pencil product might be: Some say that it is a Jumbo NYX Eyeshadow Pencil, others say that it is a Pixi Highligter pencil, and a little part of me feels that it might be Liptini lipcolor.

But i kind of doubt that it might be NYX, but what do you guys think this might be?? Because I can't wait to figure it out.

But the real thoughy is the bottle right next to the lashes, I will post as soon as anyone figures it out. Thanks for reading and comment if you know what these products might be.

UPDATE: This is how the bag is going to look like.

picture was posted by pengutano from Makeup Talk

This was presented in MakeupTalk and it is, supposedly, mentioned that there is already 20 people that have received the June's Ipsy bag in Generation Beauty.

sneak peek #5 is here and it is exactly what many people thought it was going to be, so aren't you excited, because i can't hold my anticipation.

"Get ready to go wild with the FIVE items in this bag!"

 That is the end of this month's sneak peek but the other one isn't that much far away. So as soon as we start finding out the other items of this month's ipsy bag, then i will come back and start fixing my post.

I hope you enjoyed my little sneak peek because i really enjoyed writing it. Thanks for coming by to read my little article and for commenting, i really do appreciate that.

Update, Update, Update, Update, Update
Well the mystery items have been proven to be a Psssssst! dry shampoo can and a Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil. These two items have been revealed in one persons unbagging video that can be viewed right here.
So what do you guys think of these two items, because I am just happy to know what the mystery items are.


So if any of you are interested in receiving this item in this month's ipsy bag,  then please subscribe while using my code: http://www.ipsy.com/?refer=u-h889xepf4aw286

Thank you guys for reading and stay tunned for more in the upcoming days bye! :)

What We Should Know By Now:
  • Theme: WILD
  • NYX Blush
  • Starlooks Lip Liner
  • J. Cat Beauty Glitter Cream Palette 
Might be getting 2 of these products:
  • Cailyn Linefix Gel Liner in purple or ??
  • J. Cat Beauty lashes in EL42, EL01 or EL66
  • Pencil ???????????????
  • Can or Bottle ?????????
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